Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Bonnie's New Trick

Suzy & I were on our way out the door late Friday night to go eat with some of my classmates at Waffle House, and on our way out the door, we looked to see Mallory and Bonnie both hopping up on the couch to settle in. Now, this is no big deal for Mallory, he's been getting on the couch for years. In fact, he gets quite jealous of me when I have the nerve to lay on the couch with his Mommy, and he comes by frequently to check on me to see if I've left yet.

Bonnie, on the other hand, until this instance at least, has not gotten on the furniture. At least to our knowledge that is. Being the smart dog that she is, she's taken to it quite quickly though. She is quick to try and shoehorn herself into your spot, or snuggle with you. If you make the mistake of stopping petting her, she will bat at you with her paw to remind you that she is still there. So much for not teaching any other dogs to get on the furniture - I'm just waiting for the day she hops up into bed with us - can't be far off now! Posted by Picasa