Monday, November 13, 2006

Cabin Fever!

No, I didn't shoot six holes in my freezer, as the old Jimmy Buffet song goes, but we HAVE closed on our cabin in Helen, Georgia. We did an absentee closing last Friday at 3pm, and now we (and the bank) are the proud owners of a new mountain cabin, appropriately named Burnt Dog Lodge. Betsy was kind enough to rework the logos for Burnt Dog Brewery to serve as logos for both ventures.

We are headed up this weekend to do a flurry of activity - paint the WHOLE place, as all the walls are boring, plain white, move in the furniture and furnishings, and give the place a trial run. Loco is either crazy enough, or just so damned nice that he is coming up to help not only with the moving and heavy lifting, but also the painting as well. We have drafted Megan to help with the painting, and I believe Tex will be coming up to either help, or drink beer, whichever needs doing most, depending on his school load. We've got a lot to do in a short period of time, so I hope it all gets done. We have the fence people coming out Friday morning to set the posts for the chain link fencing for the back yard, to make it greyhound friendly, the satellite/phone/DSL installer is scheduled for Friday, and the furniture we bought in Atlanta is also scheduled to arrive some time on Friday as well. So, we'll get there Thursday night, put together the grill (a very important task), get started on the unloading of the stuff we brought from Albany, and settle in on air mattresses for the first night, then get up and get to painting so hopefully we'll be done in time for the furniture to be placed directly into the newly painted rooms when it arrives.

We then will come back up the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and spend the long weekend up there with the pack and Len & Megan and their pack as well. I hope all the hard work will be done so we can just relax over the long weekend, but we won't know that for sure until the time arrives. You can get your very own Burnt Dog Lodge merchandise here. That should hold you over until you get to see the place in person.

You can see pictures of the place in it's former state, taken while the previous owner was still living there, and I'll be sure and post an update once we get our work done.

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Ashley said...

The hounds & I promise to hold down the fort in Albany while you are away. I've been trying to teach all of them to paint, but they'd rather catch yard animals & sleep. Go figure! Kelsey & I are very excited about your new cabin!!! Best wishes!!