Saturday, February 03, 2007

Homemade Roasted Rooster

Since we had such good luck with our grilled pizza last week, we attempted to recreate one of our favorite pizzas from Harvest Moon - The Roasted Rooster pizza, with grilled chicken, crumbled bacon, caramelized onions, spinach, pesto and sundried tomatoes. This is a white pizza, with no tomato sauce.

Suzy made her dough, this time adding a bit of malt for sweetness, then we chopped up 2.5 pounds of onions and caramelized them in the iron skillet, following a recipe Suzy found in Rachel Ray's magazine. I grilled some chicken brushed with pesto on the grill while Suzy sauteed some spinach and cooked up some bacon to crumble up for the pizza. Once all the prep work was done, we assembled what you see here - chicken, bacon, spinach, pesto, chopped fresh garlic, basil, a blend of 6 italian cheeses, more parmesean cheese, sundried tomatoes, hot pepper flakes, and a drizzle of olive oil to make sure it didn't dry out while cooking. It was quite tasty, but I think next time we agreed a light layer of tomato sauce would help bring out all the flavors better.

Once again, it was great to be at home on a Friday night and have a nice meal at home. I talked to the rental office in Helen yesterday, and they had 5-6 inches of snow up there on Thursday!
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Ashley said...

That's a mighty tasty looking pizza! Way to go on the creativity!!!

Betsy said...

5-6 inches of snow! That's more than we have here. But it's 5 degrees here... No grilling to be done til spring!