Friday, April 20, 2007

Eating Good in the Neighborhood!

For those of you that don't know, Suzy and I are watching Len & Megan's greyhound, Scully. Megan was in a bad accident and has been in the hospital for quite a while, and will be in a wheelchair for several months while her bones and all the attendant hardware fuse together to make her the bionic woman. Scully is very exuberant and likes to greet you at the door with her paws, giving you a welcome home hug, and she also likes to snuggle and try to be a lap dog. We figured these traits, while lovable, were not the best thing for someone trying to heal, so we offered to keep Scully until Megan got well enough to withstand her affections.

We had been noticing that there seemed to be more of Scully to love since we got her, and asked Len if she had put on weight. He said she had been getting some extra food. Well, curiousity got the better of me this morning, and she was in the bathroom with me while I was getting ready for work, so I scooped her up and stepped on the scales to see. I am happy to report she is a healthy 66.5 pounds. Seems she's like Applebee's - Eating Good in the Neighborhood!


Ashley said...

That looks like one happy girl!!

Len said...

She's not fat, she's big-boned.

Now where is my SnackyCake?

Megan said...

Scully, Scully, Scully! You've gained 10 percent of your body weight! Len had been feeding her more, but I didn't know just how much! I really miss you, Miss Scully, and can't wait to get you back home again.