Saturday, May 12, 2007

Loco, this one's for you...

Lunch started off with me viewing this lovely sight in a presentation case at the cool little restaurant we found in Clarksville to eat lunch at. I'm a sucker for a beautiful cut of beef, and these 24 ounce, bone-in ribeyes with the rib bone frenched made me weep that they only had these on the dinner menu - at a reasonable $17.00 with your choice of sides, and a limited, but very nice looking beer and wine offering, I was almost ready to stay til sundown.

Alas, we ate our fill of the best philly cheesesteak I'd had in ages and headed to Cornelia to Lowes to buy plants to plant at Burnt Dog Lodge so we would have a splash of Summer color around. We opted to cook in tonight, since we brought the Lodge's namesake with us as a special treat - Ri was the only hound that got to come with us, and she was loving all of the one on one time with her peeps.

A quick trip to Betty's in Helen to procure some dinner provisions resulted in this:

An off the hook beef lover's dream. My new special marinade on 2 nicely sized ribeyes, some of Suzy's signature rosemary potatoes, some fresh asparagus, Suzy's (in)famous pesto poppin fresh crescent rolls, and a wonderful bottle of Coppola Claret 2004 to wash it down with. In case you weren't in beef overload yet, here's a closeup of the main attraction:

Not bad for roughing it in the mountains! Now someone tell me how to make this my permanent home and I'd be quite grateful!

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Ashley said...

Yo Dad! Hook a son up here! That's some good looking meat. Bring me some, PLEASE!!