Monday, July 02, 2007

Vacation Day Three, Take One

Well, today we actually got out on the bikes and went for a little hill climb. While we are posed by the sign for Brasstown Bald, we just actually parked there and rode down and up one side of Jack's Gap. Our friends from Albany, Tiffanie and Vonnie were leaving to go home today, so we met them at the base of Brasstown for a ride. Hill climbing is not for the feint of heart, it's a pretty tough endeavor. I think my next ride will be on a rolling section of road on a circuit I devised that leave from the cabin and makes a loop ending back here as well.

Bonnie also had a first, she got to have a marshmallow that Suzy gave the dogs while she was making rice krispy treats. That marshmallow wore her out. She went to sleep with it half licked, and stuck to her front leg, so I pulled it off her and gave it to Ri.

Len and Megan came up for the day, and brought Scully, Maggie, Daisy & Devon. We had grilled fish tacos for dinner, and they hung out and visited until late evening and then had to get back home so Len could go to work Monday - sucks to be Len!
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