Thursday, December 29, 2005

Spaceman Spiff!

OK, due to much clamoring for a shot of me in the old man goggles, here's one for all of you out there that asked. OK, wipe the spewed beverages off your monitors from the laughter, I know it looks silly. Yes, that is a pair of the old folks shades OVER a pair of clear goggles. I had to sleep in those damn things for a week - at least I was supposed to. After the second night of sleeplessness, and awaking to find that I had pulled them off anyway, I decided to just go for broke and sleep without them.

It's amazing what a difference a week makes, my eyes are almost back to normal from the surgery, the pain is a not too distant memory that is fading fast, and my vision is damn near perfect. At my one week post op checkup this past Wednesday, I was 20/25 in both eyes, with a little blurriness in my right eye. I was told little fluctuations in sharpness and strength would happen over the next month, so, while I was disappointed to find out that I was "only" at 20/25, they are all optomistic that it will improve to 20/20 or greater in the next weeks to come. The blurry vision I had yesterday is much better today even, so let's all hope for some serious improvement in the coming month - I was told that 20/10 is not unheard of from the Custom Vue procedure that I had done. Posted by Picasa

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Len said...

Nice look. You should bring those on the next Outdoor Adventure and we could do some welding.